November 24, 2004

Dazed And Confused In Wisconsin

When I first heard the news about a hunter gunning down eight people with an assault rifle on Monday it took me all of about 10 seconds to believe that the alleged shooter was guilty as hell and should be beaten within an inch of his life, allowed to recuperate from said beating, savagely beaten again, and then once the good people delivering the ass whooping became tired or bored he should be taken outside, buried up to his neck and ran over with a lawn mower until all life functions ceased.

Not only is this a case of cold blooded murder but the fact that the anti-gun crowd is going to add this to their list of examples on how the 2nd Ammendment should be further depleted has me feeling even more pissed off than normal.

But that is another story ...

I made my opinion on this matter public around the shop this morning and was shocked to hear someone rise to the defense of Mr. Vang citing that he was probobly the victim of a racially motivated assault by gun wielding red necks and only fired back in self defense.

Had his shooting spree ended with the death of the hunter whose property he had trespassed on I might feel inclined to buy into this idea. Maybe he accidentally wandered onto the property and climbed into their deer stand by mistake? Perhaps the owner of the property shot first?

While the details are still cloudy the official statements gathered so far do not paint a pretty picture. After his initial burst of fire, when it's safe to assume the immediate threat had been taken care of, Mr. Vang could have beat a hasty retreat out of there but instead stuck around to finish the job. When others arrived in response to the frantic radio call from those who had been shot he brought them under fire as well.

Personally, I think the only reason there were any survivors at all is due to the fact that Mr. Vang lacks proper fire discipline and ran out of ammunition.