November 16, 2004

Business Development

This article just triggered the following email to a friend in the media industry.
Opportunity to get hooked up with some bloggers and deliver streaming news casts to cell phones.

I can point you towards one guy who'd be over and above interested: Jeff Jarvis of Buzzmachine - - he's an "industry media" guy who's a raving bull about blogs and their potential to impact the MSM (mainstream media).

With the industry focusing more on how to "reach out" to customers, cell phones (and your technology) is key, as are quality content providers (blogs, hungry for $$). As is a sense of "legitimacy". Someone like Jeff could bridge that gap for you guys - you've got the tech, he's got the will/resources and his blog could be part of the medium.

That the rest of the all-too-influential blogosphere could pick up on it and beat the drum would just be gravy.

As you know, I've been pushing the blogosphere for over a year now. If you want to check out traffic stats for some major blogs, check the hit counters for:
or even

People are turning more and more away from TV - I don't think that's a trend the networks are likely to buck given that people demand info real time. By courting the networks as sponsors/partners and providing the up and coming content, you guys could be leading edge.

Then again, you could already be doing this, what do I know. ;)

Food for thought. Hope all is well.

Interesting. The concept boils down to getting some well known bloggers to deliver content to cell-phones. I'm going to email Jeff Jarvis.