November 06, 2004

Beheadings on the rise around the world

Here's the link.

And now my thoughts...
Let's define terrorism shall we? By my definition it's anyone who inspires to cause fear through violent acts. Why can't the international community just say terrorism is a bad thing and we should stop them? If the war on terrorism is to be effective, I truly believe that there's one country that can help bring this conflict to a sooner end. If the western world and China can put their political differences aside and cooperate on this one issue, it could open several doors around the world. Imagine a united US/UK/China/AUS front when approaching North Korea or Iran. Imagine a world where the UN takes a back seat when the adults on the world stage want to talk. I know Tiawan is a sticking point, trust me I know. Just imagine though...

Advice to Israel: With the eventual passing of Arafat, there is a great opportunity to show the terrorists we mean business. Make it known early and often that no violence will be tolerated. Crush any resistance swiftly and harshly. Work towards a seperate state but make sure the palestinian leaders know that they will be held accountable for their people's actions.

I also believe that now is the time to corner Putin, tell him we know about the Russian dealing within Iraq and ask him if they are ready move past our differences and fight global terrorism all over the world. It's become obvious to me that Islamofacism is alive and well in Russia and we must support the Russians in rooting out the evil within.

Can you imagine a united front with the US, UK, AUS, China, and Russia?