November 08, 2004

Around the world in 60 seconds...

Arafat is dead, no he's alive, no he's brain dead, no he's in a coma, no he's ok and he's coming home.
At this point something smells fishy, someone is hiding something in all of this and it's only a matter of time before it's found out. Arafat has embezzled between two and three BILLION dollars from his people and they still demonstrate their support for him. *Un-fricking-believable* He profits by keeping his people poor and angry in the same way the left uses class warfare and racial division.

France has decided to put on a display of military might by crushing the Ivory Coast. Lemme see if I can size this fight up, French tanks vs. a throng armed with machetes. I figure 2 beheadings of French nationals and they'll be out of there like Michael Moore at a Weight Watchers meeting. France has destroyed the entire Ivory Coast Air Force, consisting of 2 jets and 3 helicopters. I'm sure this was quite a battle and should probably be hailed as the largest military victory in French history.

The assault on Fellujah has begun. Godspeed troops, I wish you the best. Crush them and show the islamofacists that we will not tolerate them.