October 27, 2004

What a day

I was just about to make a couple posts bitching about how slow blogger has been lately - then I noticed that it's not only blogger, but also the .mu.nu sites. Then I saw this, and I was cheered up a bit - I wondered if I could get in trouble for sexually harrassing the Bush sisters in a chat room... Then, throwing me into a COMPLETE F*CKING TAILSPIN was this Drudge siren: ABC, sitting on a f*cking terror warning from F*CKING AL QUAEDA!!! Especially in light of the F*CKING ELECTION in SIX F*CKING DAYS!!!! You know, ONE DAY AFTER IT COMES OUT THAT THEY WANT TO RAMP UP MURDERS IN IRAQ TO HURT BUSH'S CHANCES AT RE-ELECTION. I mean, holy shit I think I just had an aneurism.

What are they hoping to accomplish with this? Honestly. "Let's not scare the American public into thinking there are evil people out there wanting to kill them - you know, especially since that will just drive a stake in the heart of Kerry's campaign - you know, the whole 'Bush is stronger on terror' thing". And what's completely fucked about this is that Bush is being the 'bigger man' by not addressing this. He obviously knows about the vid, but if he comes out and says ABC is sitting on this, he's pandering.