October 05, 2004

TV show: Cheaters

Excerpts from an IM convo

Jen: so theres this show called cheaters right
Jen: and this guy thinks his girl is cheating on him so he hires guys to follow her and film her
Jen: they follow her up to their place and the go inside and theres all this circus music playing and caution tape up all over and there are spinning mary's and jesus all light up in red lights
Me: W
Me: T
Me: F
Jen: then they open the door to the room and the girl is all tied up like a fucking japanese contortionist and shit and her legs are behind her head and theres this guy in a face mask
Jen: with green long ponytail coming out of the mask on top of his head and he is all in rubber with a black cross taped on his back then this monkey girl with a mask is like licking her tits or something and she sees the cameras and takes off to the closet and the girl and this freak are still doing it and the cameras get in real close and she thinks its part of the act until her boyfriend starts beating up the green haired guy and she flips out
Jen: she was like i couldnt tell you b/c you would think im a freak...well hell fuckin ya!