October 13, 2004

New blog template

Arg. Fuck it. I had a nice blog post talking about my new layout and everything I did tonight getting it ready, but it just got killed by the nefarious CTRL+N - since when does that mean you're starting a new blog post? Fucking brilliant blogger. Brilliant. Hehe. In any case, the one thing I've got left is to add a blog roll. Expect it tomorrow you turd-burglers.

Until then, thanks to all you ass-roosters for wishing me a Happy B-Day on the 30th. Of course The Wood and KE are exempt. However, The Wood gets 1/2 credit for being a few days late, and KE get's about 1/8 credit b/c she was 12 days late. S'OK, we only went out for a half a year or so. Heh.