October 15, 2004

The funniest thing I heard today

Or most fucked up, depends on where you're comin from, but first, you're gonna need a little background:
I work for a mortgage bank in SoCal, and we're being bought out by a large international German bank (with ties to the Nazi's in WW2 - but what Germans didn't, right?). Though, their connections are a little more *sus* seeing as how they financed Auschewitz, and were "banned" from Germany in the post-WW2 years. Eek. I also work with quite a few Jewish people, one of whom is a total comedian.

That's enough background I believe.

So we're having this department meeting. We're discussing production levels etc, and how we're going to have to improve our "efficiency" in order to attain our budget goals. In cracks the wise-ass co-worker with:
Those Germans are pretty darn efficient, I mean, who *else* could fit 250 people into a box car?
Now, fortunately for Mr. Anonymous 2/3 of the room didn't hear the crack, but considering he was sitting RIGHT NEXT to the speakerphone, I'd say there's a good chance the 50 people ON the call DID hear him. Now, coming from anyone else in our department this jab would have caused dead silence and an IMMEDIATE firing, however from the mouth of this guy we all busted up and fell out of our seats laughing our asses off. B/c, you know, it's such a DAMNING comment that you *have* to laugh...

Who knows what happened in the satellite offices (the people on the phone).

Net net net, an "apology" email came out from management to all those who were on the call within 2 minutes of the meeting ended and Mr. Anonymous got his ass *royally* chewed out from the uppers.

But damn, that was some funny shit.