September 12, 2004

Went skimming this morning




Actually got kinda fucked up, took one digger that knocked the wind out of me, and jammed my knee hard enough that it still hurts an hour later. I'm tellin you though, this new skim board freakin kicks ASS all over my old one. The first one I got was good, an Exile, but the board got warped somehow. The nose on these things kicks up, kind of like the front of a skateboard while the rear stays flat. Well, the first board I had, the front went up, and the rear went down. You can imagine how that would just catch water - the board didn't "throw" for shit. So, yeah, night and day btw that and this.

Enough rambling, time to clean up the room - hangin out with this one later today and I gotta get my shit together: