September 21, 2004

This is no friggin joke

Motorcyclist clocked at 205 mph on Hwy. 61.

I'm not sure how many people have any idea how fast this is. For comparison purposes, that SUV you drive is governored at either 90, or 105 - despite the 300+ ponies under the hood. A porsche 911 Turbo (the $150,000 model) is probably maxed at around 180, a Ferrari isn't a 200MPH machine either. If you're thinking "Oh, an extra 20 mph isn't *that* much" - think again. You don't have to increase HP to get there, you have to reduce drag - as that's the largest force acting on the car at those speeds - and THAT, my friends, is a VERY expensive process.

If you, today, want to go somewhere to buy a 200 mph auto, you're going to spend upwards of $500,000 very easily, and most likely you're going to have to wait for over a year, and in some cases (Ferrari) you're going to have to have previously owned (and raced) in Ferrari sanctioned events. Oh yeah, you also have to pass a background test and a criminal history test.

Alternatively, if your need for speed exceeds your source of funds by an extreme amount, you could walk into your local Honda/Suzuki dealership and for about $12,000 OTD pick yourself up a 1000cc, 400 lb, 180 hp (at the crank) death-mobile that can propel you to 200 mph right off the shop floor. Or, if you get a 'Busa, with a couple mods (and some titanium testicles) you can get going 230 - which is $1,000,000 car territory.

Tying this all back in, for comparison purposes I've done 175 indicated (165 true speed) on my motorcycle. Until you too have experienced this, you have NO perception of what true speed is. Now, here's where the pot is calling the kettle black - for this clown to have exceeded 200 mph on a public road he needs to be mentally deranged. Not only does it take probably 40 seconds (solid) to get going that fast (from cruising at a leisurely 100 mph), but think of all the distance you're covering. That fucker had a suicide wish.

In any case, entertaining link, read it. :)

UPDATE: The dude abides. Guy caught going 205 answers questions on motorcycle messageboard.