September 08, 2004

So, uh, yeah

Finally changed my profile to reflect who I really am. No more of this "fat kid" shit. So, for those of you who thought I was a 500 lb lard ass piece of shit, and you came here only to see what "fatty" would have to say today, sorry to disappoint. I'm a 25 year old triathlete/mountain biker/mortgage banker from SoCal.

Dunno what's bringing this on, but it most likely has something to do with me just fininshing "the Passion of Christ" for the first time. I'll be completely honest, that movie had me crying like a little girl who just got punched in the face. There were like 3 or 4 scenes in that movie that nearly made me shit my pants. I'm not too proud to admit that that flick has got me off like nothing in a LONG time, if ever.

So, the truth kick. Changed my blog profile, waiting to see if I can actually load up a real pic of me so you fools can see what I look like.

In the meantime, run with this:

That's me, on the right, catching sunset over Grand Teton, just outside of Jackson Hole, WY - which is just about THe most beautiful place I've ever been in my life. And, as soon as I get my shit together, I'm going to buy some land out there, and start building a fucking cabin of my own.

More to come later. I'm drunk.