September 07, 2004

Oh sh*t

Just realized I've just been added to Ace's blogroll, and here I am, caught with my pants around my ankles.

So, for those of you rolling in from Aces', thanks for stopping by. I *just* (this monring, @ 3AM) got back from a week and a half long road trip out from SoCal to Yellowstone/Idaho/Grand Teton/Park City, so you can expect some pics and stories from there. Unfortunately, I'm also a week and a half behind on my work, which means a few hundred emails to read, and lots of stuff to catch up on. In addition, one of my buddies just quit his job in NYC and is hangin out at my place right now, which probably means he stole my skimmer and is down at Aliso, seeing as how it's 85 and sunny here.

In any case, I'll try and get some new posts up today, and once again thanks to Ace for the shout out! (And no, I won't take it personally that I was last on the list - rofl).

Long Live Liverwurst Sandwiches!