September 10, 2004

Never forget, Bush=Hitler *shakes head*

A cool story from the Guardian - that UK rag.
"The defeat of George Bush would be an indication that our country has let its guard down. We'll pull out of Iraq, and the Middle East, and we'll go back to the old ways of the UN, talking about everything but not doing it."
He confesses to another, personal reason for preferring the incumbent. Last March, when Mr Boyle showed up to watch the president open a memorial for Long Island residents who died on September 11, security guards prevented him from entering.

He called a friend who works for a local congressman; the congressman was travelling in Mr Bush's limousine, and soon the president called Mr Boyle on his mobile phone.

"He said, 'It's George Bush. I think I can get you in. Where are you?' I said, 'If I told you where I was, which is the Aquatics Centre on Merrick Avenue, you wouldn't know where that was, because you're the president of the United States.'

"Meanwhile a cop was screaming at me, so I said I was on the phone with the president. He said, 'Yeah, right.'"

Mr Bush facilitated Mr Boyle's entry, and met him minutes later, saying: "See, I told you I'd get you in."