September 22, 2004

My Karl Rove impersonation

A little background - my truck is a cheap-o '03 Ram, base model yadda yadda yadda - well, I got the thing washed last Friday from the guy who comes to the office and I was able to deduce two things from the results. 1) He uses a friggin pressure washer and 2) my rims are painted (!!) Sonofa...

Net net net, my wheels look like shit seeing as how all the paint (!!!!) from one of the spokes (of 5) is completely gone, and the wheel underneath is black. Ef. Fortunately, I was in the mood for new rims regardless. Off to Ebay I go.

First set I was going to buy I threw a bid in for like $1,150 or something, only to get "sniped" by 4 other bidders in the last 10 seconds. VERY frustrating, especially since I tried to get one last bid in at the last second only to be thwarted by my spotty as hell wireless connection at home. Feh. So, today I smarten up. Wheels are auctioning for, again, $1,150 - knowing that someone's going to try and snipe it, I play it three steps ahead of them.

Enough explaining, it is time for you to witness my master-stroke - executed in the spirit of Karl Rove. Keep in mind the auction ended at 11:48 even. If I may so boldly direct your attention to the timing - note the timing of the winning bid, and the last minute counter-snipe by said shit-bag "Warrior*one" - who now has my nuts resting proudly on his chin.

Yes folks, that made my day.