September 22, 2004

Lots to blog about today

Had a very interesting day, first of all, see the post below - where I smoked the shit out of some bid-sniper on Ebay. That literally got my day rolling, b/c things kept getting better and better from then on.

So, after I won the wheels, I decide that I'm going to take a road trip out to Phoenix this weekend to go pick them up. Only about a 5 hour drive, so maybe I make it a day trip, maybe I spend the night. Anyone know if Phoenix is any fun?

After that I get yanked into a meeting with:
1) my boss
2) his boss
3) his bosses boss
This, after I've expressed my displeasure with the way my progress at work has been going, and (to my boss) told him I don't know what my "career intentions" are. Looks like that lit a fire undersomeone b/c they've got me transferring over to a team who doesn't do as *much* business, but they deal with more institutional clients (as opposed to local schmo's) and deal in much more complicated loan structures, which is basically what I've been looking for - to get away from the repetitive BS I've been working on the last 6 or so months (same stuff that's been eating me up).

So, not only was that cool - but I then got treated to a nice lunch from my boss - who just wanted to discuss any concerns I may have about the move (seeinga s how I played it Cool Hand Luke when they told me).

So, the day goes on, next thing you know I get another call into the bosses boss's office, this time, they want to see if I'm free to do a site inspection out in Vegas next week. Thursday and Friday. In Vegas. Of-fucking-course I am I tell them. So, off I am to Sin City next weekend - which, Geoff, you better fucking be coming out for. I wanna see your new Admin strip out at whateverthehell club that is! LOL.

So, what else, I think the rest of the work day was boring - not much else going down, just wrapping up old deals so I guess that was relaxing. Now, here I am at home, just kickin back drinkin Maker's Mark and I think, for the first time in probabaly 6 months, I'm going to get to bed before 11.

That however, infers I'm getting the ef off the computer at this moment which sounds fantastic right about now.