August 01, 2004

S&W .50 - test vids

Drug my roommate away from his incessant studying for about an hour this morning, to go shoot this beast.

Well, feel free to call me a pussy, but my wrist is friggin sore from shooting 10 ROUNDS. With a box of 20 rounds costing $40, I wasn't about to haul off and buy too much ammo - no friggin need, and I have bills to pay.

Regardless, this thing is out of control - it makes shooting my .45 feel like plinking, however the gun is totally controllable. I was expecting the thing to buck back and hit me in the face on recoil - no such thing. The gun recoils almost straight back, and as you can see in the vids, the upward kick is limited to maybe 30 degrees. Very cool.

Below are two vids of me and my roommate shooting this supreme American piece of ingenuity. Forgive the quality/resolution of the vids, they were taken from my POS cell phone, as my cam battery is dead. After you've DL'd them, you can always just make them bigger through quick time.

Me, acting the fool (rt. click > save as) I was actually hoping P would take a vid of everyone's responses as I took my first shot. Apparently the 10 other people at the range stopped what they were doing, looked at eachother and quizzically announced a collective "WTF was that?!?". A couple dudes walked over, and indicated with their best "it was THAT big" pose that I was shooting something that was clearly larger than my penis... moving on...

Here's a close up vid of Pat (rt. click > save as) putting a few holes through the target at 15 or so yards. And yes, that's me giggling like a bitch at his first shot - this gun is comical, like something out of an old comic book. It actually took me about 5 minutes to contain myself before firing the first round - I couldn't stop laughing at this 5 lb+ gun, with ammunition I can almost fit my pinkie finger in, which can fire a 1 oz slug at sixteen hundred and fucking sixty five feet per fucking second - which is approximately two times the speed of sound, which is approximately twice as fast as the rounds chambered in my HK .45. Oof.