August 03, 2004

Oh g_d, my head hurts

So, last night went down to Carlsbad to Keri's little BBQ thing - had a great time, got really shitfaced and ended up talking politics with a few Navy dudes, and Keri's liberal best friend. Oops. Turns out the Navy dudes felt the same way about JFK as I do - we'd like to give him a cleveland steamer. Well, little miss liberal had a differing opinion - I don't remember much of the argument, but I think it ended in raised voices, me feeling like an asshole and everyone else deathly quiet. Or something. Heh. In any case I did meet some totally cute chick, Julia, who had the raddest ink on her stomach I've ever seen. Not sure that I remember what it is, but it sure was cool. It probably helped that she was fucking hot. So, around 2 I decide that it would be a great idea if I drove home, after having a bottle of wine and damn close to a six pack of Sierra Nevada. It goes without saying it was a pretty hairy 45 mile drive home. A stunt I won't soon be repeating, believe you me. Given that it's already a late night, I got home around 2 or so, I decide to haul off and check my myspace account to see whats up. Got a few messages from some cuties, so I log into AIM/Yahoo to see if anyone's on - b/c I'm feelin frisky. Turns out two are on. Woop, here comes the webcam. Next thing I knew it's 0400, I'm starin down the barrel of a mean fucking hangover, a long day at the office, inability to form a coherent thought (look no further than this post), a case of the shits and no clothes to wear for work in a couple hours.


Not good prospects.

In any case, go listen to Slipknot "Before I forget" - it owns you.