August 17, 2004


That was the price of oil, skyrocketing on this shitty news. Anyone astute enough to check out the timing of this release and what happened to oil prices right after? Yeah, we know the answer, I'm just curious as to what extent. This is the shitbag who is our #3 oil importer (or something ridiculous) who basically is turning Venezuela into a Communist country playing the same class warfare game our Democrats are trying to play. Yeah, the same guy who donated $1 million to Al-Quaeda on 9/12/01.


Don't be surprised to see this guy assaassinated in the coming couple years. Giving him the "Castro treatment" won't do shit, seeing as how they have so much oil money. We'd have to embargo this bitch ass like we did to Cuba back in the missle crisis days. We all know THAT'S not gonna happen.

Afterthought: I wonder if this is one of the "world leaders" supporting Kerry? Heh.