August 12, 2004

John Effin Kerry - a perfect similie

He may be the first presidential candidate in American history to exist on a quantum level. As the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle informs us, the exact position of a nuclear particle cannot be absolutely determined; it exists in a wide range of positions at once, a probablistic "cloud" of multiple and varied positions rather than a single definable state.

Determining where Kerry falls on a position at any moment is much like attempting to pin down the exact location of an electron. Like an electron, he manages to be many places at once, and it is beyond the ken of mortal minds to plum its quantum mysteries.

And like an electron, the actual act of measuring his position actually changes his position, moment to moment. A reading on Kerry's position when he's on television will not be the same reading observed when he's delivering a speech to a liberal organization.
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