August 18, 2004

Going skydiving this weekend

A bit freaked out about it - the whole concept of jumping out of a normally operating airplane with little more than some nylon (and some weird dude) strapped to my back kinda freaks me out. Dunno why though *rolls eyes*

Going with a bunch of people from work, all of whom know I'm deathly afraid of heights and that this whole thing strikes me as a bit of insanity - so, here's how the email stream from this morning went - I've re-arranged them to be in chronological order:

Me: We're all jumping out of an airplane in a little over 72 hours. *shakes head*
Tina: Stop freaking out.
The worst that can happen is that you chute doesn't open and you land splat splat with an instructor on top of you.
Get over it.
Kevin: I don't really think you'd even feel it.
Tina: Unless maybe, by some freak chance you still had feeling when you hit the ground. But I am sure you'd pass out from the pain shortly after.

I work with a bunch of jerks.

If you're at all interested, it's a tandem jump from 13,000 ft - here's a hi-res image of my buddy just after his first jump over the desert in San Diego.