August 15, 2004

A friends shitty weekend

So last night I come home SHITFACED. Done. Gone. All I want to do
is go to bed. So i brush my teeth, wash up and go to bed. Now, my
bedroom is right under the upstairs bathroom. One of the pipes runs over my ceiling. So anyways, I am almost
asleep and I am startled awake by this water coming through the
ceiling onto my effing bed. Immediately the room smells like piss....

Just so happens that one of my little shit cousins who is down here had gotten up to go to the
bathroom and thought it would be cute to piss in the heating vent next
to the toilet. So it went through the pipes and leaked out the seam
right above where my bed is. It soaked through the ceiling panels and
there was so much, that it started flooding through...and it was PISS
that was all over my room. I go upstairs because now I am fuming and
wake up my father who almost shits on the kids. The upstairs bathroom
was COVERED in urine...the rugs, tile floor, toilet, heating vent,
etc. Covered. Little asshole kids.

the worst part is i was so drunk that after i cleaned up the initial puddles, i passed back out and slept amongst the stench for the rest of the night

me: i'd kill them
me: seriously
him: i wanted to. Like, theyre small, and I wanted to find out which one did it....and shake it to death in front of their siblings, "as a warning."
i feel so violated. I was owned by the little shit-weasel...which ever one did it. its okay though because i went swimming in our pool with them today and i peed while i circled the two suspects. and they were spitting the water at each other too. which i peed in.