August 09, 2004

Everybody say it with me:

I need more FUNDING.
Giant tsunamis, super volcanoes and earthquakes could pose a greater threat than terrorism, scientists claim.
Nothing like exploiting 'terrorism' to further your budgetary outlook for next year, eh "scientists". You know who should be focusing their energy on this, as opposed to, say, pursuing nuclear weapons, India. How many of those mofo's die each year b/c of monsoons or tidal waves - I bet high 6 digits, if not 7. All you have to do is go read some of the geo-political strategy reports that have been coming out these last few years - the US is pretty much the best-positioned country in the world to deal with any kind of severe natural catastrophe. All this airport screening shit is doing nothing but helping us prepare for some "big natural catastrophic event". For those of you who *haven't* read the reports I'm talking about (I'll try and find links later) - they basically say, in the event of some dramatic global climate change (poles reversing, etc.) it's going to be countries with wealth, land and natural resources that will thrive. The problem will be immigration, little insignificant countries like France, where 10,000 people died last summer b/c it was HOT are going to witness violent street protests and societal upheaval. So long welfare state. Nevermind countries like in sub-saharan Africa, or the middle east. LOL. Let's talk about "fucked"... every single shithead dirt bag is gonna come runnin for OUR borders - and why? B/c we have our shit together, that's why. All we have to do once they get here, is give them a free ride. "Hey, you're new here, have some gov't programs to support you and your free-loading family for the next 20 years. All you gotta do is VOTE DEMOCRAT in the coming election, those Republicans are heartless bastards!".

And people wonder why Americans are so selfish. When the shit hits the fan, there's only one place people come running. It ain't France (btw, I consider Israel, "little America")