July 11, 2004

Woo hoo, blowing shit up!

Great photo-blogging going on over at Dogtulosba (Chad's place). Chad's an Army Engineer, and it looks like they got to drive around APC's and blow up mine fields they'd just set up. His weekend sounds like a shitload more fun than mine. I sat home (Thursday through now) with some nasty stomach flu. Only now (3:30 Sunday afternoon) am I finally starting to feel better. Way to kill a weekend, eh?

In any case, in some interesting news, I did just go to the shooting range, and fortunately for my fragile ego, I left the targets there, so don't expect me to post any pictures. Let's just say I offically suck. I am, however, going to make an attempt at doing something about it. I took a gentlemans biz card, and I think I'm going to start taking some basic lessons. I need to learn the uber-basic shit like how to hold the god damn thing for one, and how to "squeeze, not pull" the trigger (though I may have that backwards - lol). In any case, yeah, I can't shoot for shit. Do need to learn though.

In other "good" news, I noted that they have the GODFORSAKEN S&W 50 cal for RENT. FOR FIVE FRICKIN DOLLARS. They don't immediately mention, however, that the ammunition for the beast costs $40 for 20 rounds. /kickinthenuts

I'll save that for when I have friends to share the burden, or at least take pics of me laughing my balls of when I shoot it - the gun that's designed to basically kill any non-armored (metal plates) living thing on the face of this earth. Well, maybe an exaggeration, but it is designed to kill any game animal - including bears and boars, two of the nastier animals I can think of. I wonder what it'd do to a blue whale, not that you'd want to shoot one... but, you know...