July 29, 2004


Remember when the coups in Venezuela were "big events" as little as a year ago? Chavez (the socialist dictator) pretty much nationalized everything in the country, from media companies to oil production etc. Well, in the process his cronies also murdered a whole bunch of civilians, and the US has been working behind the scenes since then to help prop the democratic leanings of the people. This referendum, was a source of the most consternation on the part of Chavez - and now, looks like it's going to be carried out in the VERY near future.

Neat. Too bad it's being overshadowed by *more pressing* issues like Michael Moore's speeches at the DNC, the hysterics surrounding that event and whatever other conspiracy theory the hacks over at DU can come up with at the moment.

Food for thought, we (as a country) need to stop forgetting that the rest of the world doesn't stop and hold their breath while we pick a Presidential candidate.