July 05, 2004

Happy belated 4th of July!

Hope all y'all had a great weekend. Though the weekend had it's ups and downs, overall some very good shit. Spent much of the time hangin with Geoff down at the Laguna House and his beach house. We spent yesterday cruisin the boardwalk on the bikes, and gettin into mischief. Geoff was so kind as to provide me with about 40 sets of beads, which by the end of the day were gone, and I'd seen about 35 pairs of lucious titties. A beautiful thing...

In any case, I did want to share with y'all the results of my "bike fight" with Jesse yesterday. Somewhere along the line I think we decided it would be fun to start hurling bikes at eachother. Attempting to avoid a beach cruiser that was hurtling at my head, I somehow did this to my foot. Think it's broken much? The Doc should be able to give the official word, but you tell me where the smart money's playin. ;)

Excuse the dirty tape marks, I found a physical trainer last night somewhere along the line and she taped me up with some industrial stuff, and it's a little too tender this morning/afternoon to remove all the tape-shit.