July 07, 2004

Eventful ride in to work today

Cruising along I-5, about to hit my exit, when all of a sudden I see what looks like a lady shaking her fists in anger in front of me. Nothing out of the normal says I, CA drivers suck. Next thing I know, this woman start swerving off the road, mind you this lady *was* 15 ft in front of me, we were moving along at about 40-45 mph in traffic. I back off, thinkin "WTF is this lady doing" - the very next thing, she goes off the road, takes out a call box, a 50 ft light pole, continues to swerve across the merging 2 lanes, goes flying off the road, through a ditch and into some bushes!!!!


Myself and 4 other cars pull over, this lady is still on the gas. Only reason she's not moving is b/c the wheels are off the ground. Fortunatly her stroke was over by the time we got to her, and she was just kind of hangin out. The front windshield held up, so she wasn't a bloody mess. The rear of the car didn't do so well, as you can see.

Sorry for the crappy image quality, they're from my camera phone. I didn't want to take more b/c I felt like I was gawking. Which I hate.