June 29, 2004

This was one woman's response to my "F911" post on MySpace

I'd posted this "bulletin" (below) in response to one whore who just kept posting "GO SEE F911" like 50 times a day. Then, one of my friends wrote me the response (at the top), basically calling me an idiot. Nice (but wrong).

I disagree--the movie is brilliant. Perhaps a bit too in your face with Moore's opinion--but any adult with half a brain can take the facts from the speculation--we do this every day when we watch the news.

Either way--your bulletin entry is silly--and I am telling everyone I know regardless of their party affiliation to go see the film. Until you do--you know nothing about it, or the brilliance of the documentary itself. I don't care if it doesn't change your mind about the President--but you can't make an educated decision either way until you have seen the film.

----------------- Bulletin Message -----------------
From: Fat Kid
Date: Jun 28, 2004 05:25 PM

via - Ed Koch (read bio here) speaks out against MM's newest mockumentary over at World Tribune.com.

Money quote:

The movie's diatribes, sometimes amusing and sometimes manifestly unfair, will not change any views. They will simply cheapen the national debate and reinforce the opinions on both sides.

The question it leaves, is, where do we go from here?

Like MM himself says, "Do something", maybe it's time for us to simply rise above the shit-flinging and actually initiate civil dialogue beyond the scope of the "Bush = Hitler", "But, but, but....Halliburton!!" and "No blood for oil" screeds...

Food for thought.