June 01, 2004

Spent the morning in Court

Next time some jerk tells you a diamond lane violation adds points to your record... don't believe the hype. I spent two (wasted) hours of my life sitting in line to talk to a judge at the OC Superior Court, only to get up, try and plead guilty so as to request second level traffic school, only to have it tossed back in my face that, traffic school is not an option for this infraction. Apparently, contrary to popular belief, thi is not a "points earning" offense - bah.

Of course, I don't feel as bad as the stoner kid who got busted with a nickel bag, and asked the judge to reduce his $50 fine, only to have the judge make fun of him. Something about the hypocrisy involved in living in OC, being able to afford drugs and a mere $50 fine. Heh. Or the bitch who tried to cry about driving on the toll road without her speedpass, when the judge wasn't havin any of it, and told her (basically) that she was stupid, she got all flippant with him and stormed out of the court - that was fun. Nor do I feel as bad as the kids who were read the riot act for doing something stupid like 50 in a school zone @ 2:30, or how about them no insurance, no license, no registration broke-dick illegals - gotta love them. Scary thing is, they made up the largest percentage of offenders.

Net net net, if you're ever bored, and in need of a good laugh, go to traffic court and pull up a seat in the back.