June 08, 2004

PRESS RELEASE: Fat Kid announces (his) first evar t-shirt contest!

In an effort to de-throne Frank, the King Of All Things French, monkey-smelling and not-manly, Fat Kid hereby announces his first ever t-shirt contest.

Frank came up with the absoulutely ludicrous idea that he might be able to sell more shirts by having icky girls take pictures of themselves wearing them, then have various dirty old men from the blogosphere vote on them for a spokesmodel position. Where's NOW, when you need 'em I say? Very original, and it appears to be working (damnit).

I (with the help of Libbo kicking me in the toofises) came up with the also very original, and very brilliant idea of beating Frank at his own game. So, again, with Libbo doing all the heavy lifting (I'm fat, remember), he designed the first ever "Fat Kid" t-shirt!!!


Now that I have t-shirts available, I AM IN SEARCH OF MODELS. That's right ladies, if you think you have what it takes to represent the Fatness, get in touch. In an ironic twist not lost on me, no fatties allowed - I'm lookin to sell shirts here people. C'mon. I've already got one two volunteer(s), just need like 50 more for this thing to work.

Also, if you're reading this, do me a favor and click every link that says "Frank" - I want to make sure he see's me comin. Wouldn't be fair to trample him from behind and all...

PS: Libbo sounds off, spreading the news that Frank J. will soon be de-throned. Fat Kid Akbar.

PPS 2: Tryin to find these two...

PPS 3: Got a two model(s) fuckfaces. Anty up...