June 07, 2004

In the spirit of Allah Pundit

Reagan Akhbar!
What you don’t know when you’re 22 could fill a book. If you write that book when you’re 44, you haven’t learned a thing.

My thoughts on James Lileks you ask? Nobody does it better. If his "Bleat" is not a daily "must read" for you, your life is that much poorer without your even knowing it.


An observation from today's Opinion Jounal:
Stanley's colleague Adam Nagourney tries to find hope for the Democrats: "Some Republicans said the images of a forceful Mr. Reagan giving dramatic speeches on television provided a less-than-welcome contrast with Mr. Bush's own appearances these days, and that it was not in Mr. Bush's interest to encourage such comparisons."

Well, maybe. Certainly Bush isn't as eloquent as Reagan was. Then again, neither is John Kerry. When Bush speaks, you often imagine Reagan might have said the same thing better. When Kerry speaks, you imagine Reagan would disagree--assuming he could even figure out what Kerry was saying.

Update: Holy shit, I've got tears in my eyes.