June 24, 2004


Yes, Libbo, I know I haven't gotten my shit together to get my t-shirt model thing going (you goat), but thanks for rubbing it in. However, when I do, Frank J. over at IMAO.us is going down, or at the very least, his t-shirt babe is. Either way, it should end up in gratuitous traffic for me. Muahahahah. :P

Sidenote: Why do I feel like a bastard for having a "model-off" with Frank?

Let's give a run down of the problems I've been having so far:

1) No time
2) No time
3) No shirt(s)
4) No time
4.5) See sidenote above
5) No time? Did I mention that yet?

In all honesty, I've been pretty stressed out/slammed at work, and just about the only thing I feel like doing when I come home it sitting down, having a beer and not thinking about my day. Having to hassle with extra-curricular items (beyond going to the gym for stress relief) has more or less been beyond me these last few weeks. I'm sure my roommate can post up to that effect. :(

I do honestly have two models - well, they've both expressed interest, and they're both paid models, so I guess they count as "models", right? J and T, mind if I link some pics of you guys up there so Libbo can see I'm not a straight-up liar, and that I do actually know hot girls? Post up in the comments or drop me an IM if it's cool.

So, in any case, I need to place an order (tonight/tomorrow) for one of my own damn t-shirts, or a few of them as the case may be and get ahold of these girls for hopefully this weekend. I still have no idea how I'm gonna get someone to model the thong. Maybe you tramps will get lucky, I'll have about 18 too many beers, and a camera will pop up... Hmmmmm.... the fat kid in a thong, shudder to think.

In the meantime, I'll show you the most recent addition to my t-shirt collection.


and my gun.