June 30, 2004

Evil George Bush raises interest rates!

One more example of George Bush's fictional "Presidency" being a miserable failure. Just today George Bush personally raised interest rates one full quarter point. His unilateral reckless approach to raising interest rates has, in effect, kicked over 10,000,000,000 people out of homes they were only able to afford by obtaining interest only adjustable rate, no cap mortgages. These working middle-class tax-paying citizens will soon be living out on the street, what good will the tax cuts for the rich do for them then, huh Hitler? Huh! In addition, the increased interest rates will serve as a dis-incentive for business to invest in capital items, in turn plunging the economy futher into a quagmire.

Editors note: The opposite statement (lower interest rates produce jobs, in effect) does not hold true, that is, if it serves to improve Bush's ratings.

Of course.

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Seriously though, you've gotta wonder if John Kerry throws Dean-esque tantrums when he reads news like this. I can just picture him yelling FUCK!!! as loud as he can, then start bawling un-controllably.

It's shit like this (economic news) that makes me happy again. There is simply no fucking possible way the media can spin a net gain of ONE FUCKING MILLION JOBS IN THREE FUCKING MONTHS. You just can't do it. Then again, you can ignore it... let's see what the media's response is.... .... .... just checked CNN, nothing. Top headline? "Cassini Races towards Saturn orbit" and another headline by Howard Stern (in Michael Moore fashion) who's quoted saying "I criticize Bush, then I'm fired". Hah. I wonder if that recently employed bloc of about ONE MILLION PEOPLE are gonna vote for Bush, given it's HIS FUCKING ECONOMIC POLICIES that got them jobs.

I doubt it.