June 04, 2004

COSAC goes wild

Looks like one of the distruntled leftward-thinking individuals from the R6MessageNet got a little pissed off about todays news that, no, it wasn't his house that was startin to flame up; it was the ECONOMY (stupid). Silly communists never learn.

For those of you NOT in the know, COSAC stands for:
The same group that had me banned from that motorcycle message board a few months ago. Think: EvilHalliburtonBusHitlerKNEWChenyKKKAbuGraibworsethan911
MichaelMooreisGOD - basically a bunch of knee-jerk reaction losers from Colorado, and one Muslim Social Worker from SoCal. Heh.

Update: Check out the referrer logs, look at all the traffic comin in from there. Wonder what that's for? Heh.