June 07, 2004

Bwahaha - this post'll be a "quickie"

Spent about 2 hours yesterday trying to fix the elevator in my buddy's house. Apparently someone pulled the door frame out of the wall (just an inch or so) and the elevator got stuck between floors.

My initial thoughts were that, since the elevator moves slow as fuck, someone was drunk, got tired of waiting for it, and yanked on the door that closes off the empty shaft a little too hard - thereby tripping a fuse or something.

Just got the update, someone stopped it in between floors, got their fuck on, then couldn't "un-stop" the elevator, had to kick open the door from the inside, and boogied out of the party.

I have my sneaking suspicions. //coughgeoffcough// Geoff, you wouldn't happen to know what I'm talking about? Would you Geoff? Huh, Geoff, about the elevator Geoff, I mean. LOL