June 29, 2004

Ace brings up a good point

Ace of Spades HQ: CBS/NYTimes Poll: Bush's Approval Rating Now at Negative Sixty-Six Bazillion

I wonder if mainstream media is setting up a situation (potentially inadvertently) whereby everyone in the US is under the impression it's gonna be a close race, then when Kerry loses (as he will) one half of America will get pissed off b/c it goes against everything they've been seeing on the TV/reading in the newspaper.


OK, yeah, I should take off my tinfoil hat - I'm startin to sound like Michael Moore.

No, I don't honestly believe they're (the media) going out of their way to stage something like that, I do believe it's a potential outcome. God help us all if we have another close Presidential race where the Supreme Court has to come in and be the deciding factor.

Jeff Jarvis follows up and labels it "extremism". Again, with the fad (see my comments over at the Young Curmodgeon). Ever see "extreme toothpaste" or "extreme deoderant"? Well, now we've got "extreme politics". Not so "heh".