May 19, 2004

Two quick items...OK, three quick items

1) Forgot to post this the other day, but I almost caused an accident I was laughing so hard. Thank the good Lord for camera phones.

The pic isn't all that fantastic, I shoulda taken a vid, then you could have seen the rims spinning.

2) Wish me luck, I leave in about an hour on a 750 mile road trip out to Moab, UT. Three days of fun on the mountain bike, then another 750 mile road trip home. Hopefully the weather will hold so I can come back and post some nice photo's.

Regardless, have a great weekend, and congrats to Libbo for being picked up by Rachel Lucas. ;) Send some traffic my way bitch (libbo, not you Rachel - hehe)!

3) Eek. Got my first hit from da Gummamint.