May 12, 2004


So, in case anyone is wondering wtf this post is about, I'm about || <- that close to getting banned on that motorcycle messageboard b/c I get pissed off when ignoramuses post up bullshit conspiracy theories. As an alternative to getting kicked off the board (which I enjoy very much), I've decided to post my political responses here. Considering that messageboard has over 10,000 members, and the most visited section is the "off topic" section that I most often post in, the goal is threefold:
1) Not piss off the moderators with my political rants, which usually denigrate my witting victim
2) Direct some more traffic here - our political insult-fests (on average) get more hits/posts than anything in those sections.
3) Have the new traffic allow me to get some BlogAds, which should contribute about $.50 every 6-months to my beer fund.