May 13, 2004

No media bias here

"Nope, no fire here, just keeeeeeeeeep walkin..."

This is another one of those things that kid on the R6MN rails against. Claims it simply doesn't exist, or if it does, it's all right-wing religious fundy propaganda. I have no idea what he'd say about this example for a few reasons:
1) I'm banned and
2) he refuses to read any link I've ever posted.
3) even if he did read it, there is no way in FUCK he would ever respond, b/c there's nothing for him to say, so, the classic 3rd grade approach to debate an insult and hope to change the topic. LOL
4) he might not even know about it, given the lack of coverage by "big media" as noted by Glenn Reynolds.

Like a worn paperback baby....


Funny thing is, today has actually been a super relaxing day. I haven't had to read any stupid bullshit from asshatted liberals, I've done my job, the day is nearing an end. Oh yeah, and no (true) religious fanatics have cut the heads off of US civilians. And, btw, am I the ONLY person in the world who finds it disgusting how his father is trying to politicize this whole thing? Have some respect for the dead, even if you disagree with the motivations for your son's actions, you can at the very least respect his memory by shutting the fuck up.

I'll tell you what though, it sure is nice to be getting IM's and emails from my friends on the R6 board, talking about how bullshit my banning is. I guess one of them is going to make a banner, "Save Triguy" or something like that, which a few of them are going to use as their "sig banners" in protest. Heh. Nice to know the whole world isn't going to shit, thanks guys.