May 10, 2004

New template is up

Expect daily changes to this thing - the one part I'm really bummed about is how "skinny" the text portion is - however if you take a peek at the code you'll see how each "layer" has been individually sized, which means (as far as I can tell) each box needs to individually be re-sized (oof). That is something I have neither the time, talent or desire to accomplish, so unless one of you turkey's feels like havin a go at it, it's not gonna change any time soon.

EDIT: I'm also having problems "deleting" comments - which the new blogger comment service supposedly allows me to do. I'd made two comments to the previous post (as you can see), and I'd subsequently bah-leted both of them. Curious that they're still there, eh? In any case, I'll try and figure that out tomorrow at work, hehe. Until then, try out the comment service if you would. Libbo has already given it a go and was scared by the log in procedure. :/ I was led to believe it's a one-time thing as you have the option for the service to "remember you" - so, I'll have to check that out from a different IP addy to confirm though.

Well, again, feedback is appreciated, just don't tell me it sucks. Heh.