May 11, 2004

I wanna give you a taste of my world

And maybe this can help explain how furious I get when a liberal opens their stupid ass retarded mouth, some choice quotes from the R6MessageNet - a motorcycle messageboard I frequent:

This first one's about the Marine who recently received the Navy Cross, that nobody heard about on the news:
I read the citation above in the story and just wondered if the guy runs for president as a democrat in 30 years or so, will the citation be questioned along with whether he really did kill as many enemy as suggested, etc.

That's definitely a nice change... But alas, the American News Media only tells us what they want us to hear, and apparently True Acts of Heroism aren't "News" to those who provide it.

Well maybe the next time one of you retards wants to blame the "liberal media" () you should realize that bad news sells newspapers, not sappy crap.

Who wants to see 30 stories of schools being rebuilt*, and see nothing but pictures of smiling Iraqi kids? Fundies and people so slanted that thats what theyre seeing anyway, thats who.

Its called human nature, folks.

And FYI, spin goes both ways.

* - rebuilt, not built. Think of the difference.

Again, just some bullshit from two hippies in CO, both are disgruntled tech employees who're feeling rather inadequate I'd guess.

If you feel like checking out the source doc's for these posts, they're as follows:
Post 1.
Post 2.

Oh yeah, and if you were curious, this guy (quote #2), should have been aborted. That's how highly I think of him. lol

EDIT: OK, maybe not aborted, that's not really fair. LOL