May 11, 2004

BLACKFIVE: Someone You Should Know

$5 says this guy is probably one of the nicest guy's you could ever meet in person, but holy sweet jesus, can you imagine the carnage?

Brings new meaning to that old Marine joke:
Have you heard the joke about the Marine who was in Iraq? He was below a sand dune, a very high sand dune. And he yelled over that sand dune, "One Marine is worth 10 Iraqi soldiers." The commander on the other side of the hill said, "I need 10 volunteers." Ten volunteers, they went over the dune. Yelling and screaming and smoke and gun fire and then silence.

The voice came again, "One Marine is worth 50 Iraqi soldiers." The commander sent 50 soldiers. Went over the dune and the same thing, yelling, screaming, smoke, fire, gunshots and then silence.

The voice came again. "Ha. One Marine is worth 100 Iraqi soldiers."
Again the commander asked for 100 soldiers. A hundred soldiers went over the dune. Yelling screaming, firing, gunshots. Then silence.

Then the voice came again. "One Marine is worth 1,000 Iraqi soldiers."
The commander asked for 1,000 soldiers. They went over the dune. Yelling, screaming, gunfire, shots. But this time, one Iraqi soldier, his arm badly wounded, holding it against his side, his leg badly limping, came up over the dune. And he said to his commander, "Don't send any more soldiers. He lied. There's two of them."

Makes you wonder if al Sadr heard the joke. Heh.

UPDATE: I don't suppose we'll be hearing a damn thing out of Ted Rall, you know, b/c this guy's still alive.