May 06, 2004

Best first post on a message board, EVAR

Firstly, let me say that Michael Moore is a waste of oxygen who needs to have his breathing-privileges permanently fuckin' revoked for constantly churning-out 4-plus-hour pieces of self-indulgent garbage and allowing hoardes of mindless bastards with room-temperature IQs to call him "visionary" and "gifted" and all the other fuckin' mindless platitudes they reserve for only the most TALENTLESS cunts in the Director-game nowadays!

Michael Moore suffers from a sadly non-fatal disease called A.N.T.S (Absolutely No Talent Syndrome) and watching his movies is less stimulating than intravenous valium and almost as unpleasant as watching naked 70-year-old homosexuals fuck.

That having been said, it would be a good idea if his next movie was entitled "The decapitation and disembowelment of Michael Moore: Death Of A Talentless Cunt
Thanks to Mango for bringin this to my attention!!