May 13, 2004

Banned for a week!

Luna took my cherry, Eli got sloppy seconds, and Celo's waitin for dirty thirds. :P

Apparently the R6MN didn't like my innovative approach of limiting my political debates to my blog. So, I've been banned.

Found out this morning when I went to check a private message one of the mod's had sent me, when "voila" no more board access. Logged out, and checked a few of my posts, only to see "banned" written under my name. I feel like a fuckin leper. LOL.
Ob la dee ob la da life goes on bro, naaa na na na life goes on.
So, the least I can do is solicit ideas for new "titles" for me when/if I go back to the board. I was thinkin something along the lines of:
"On thin ice"
or "DMZ" or something.

Leave your suggestions in the comments box!