May 12, 2004

Another Rumsfeld post - I *really* like this guy

This one about his internal conflict, and his wife's impression of his reaction to the Abu Grahib prison scandal. And the money quote:
"I've been reading a book about the Civil War and Ulysses Grant — and I'm not going to compare the two, don't get me wrong, and don't anybody rush off and say he doesn't get the difference between Iraq and the Civil War," Mr. Rumsfeld said. "The fact of the matter is, the casualties were high, the same kinds of concerns that we're expressing here were expressed then." The people then, Mr. Rumsfeld said, "were despairing, they were hopeful, they were concerned, they were combative."

But in the end, he concluded, "the carnage was horrendous, and it was worth it."
It will be a sad sad sad day in American history the day Donald Rumsfeld is forced from office due to partisan bickering.