April 25, 2004

Got *rocked* this weekend - UPDATED w/ (more) PICS

B/c I don't feel like re-typing this - here's a brief synopsis of my weekend (via an IM convo):

animus949: check this
animus949: race at 4,500 feet (kinda high)
animus949: temperatures in the mid 90's
animus949: noon start (my shift)
animus949: working on a cold already
animus949: not enough warm (heart rate sky rockets)
animus949: i won the prologue (HR even higher)
animus949: couldn't get HR *below* 190 for the first 5 miles
animus949: dehydration sets in in lap one (figured this out later)
animus949: by lap 2, calves had cramped, quads were gone, shins were gone and hams were on their way
animus949: so i crased into a tree at 25
animus949: got impaled on a stick
animus949: didn't know it was there till 6 miles later when i finished the lap
animus949: that's no big deal, the big deal was my dehydration - within 2 hours of finishing i was dizzy, light headed, cold sweats and puking all over
animus949: had to bum a ride to the hospital 25 miles away
animus949: waited 6 FUCKING HOURS TO SEE A DOCTOR
animus949: all while throwing up inthe lobby
animus949: they pumped 5 LITERS of fluid into me before i even started to THINK about pissing
animus949: usually it only takes people .5 liters
animus949: i needed 10 times that
animus949: spent the night there, went back to the race at 0800

Despite all this, out of 500 racers I still had a top 10 best lap time overall.

This is me in the hospital, at about 4:30 Sunday morning...

And some action shots from the race:

Me, hangin out about 10 minutes prior to the race starting. No I'm not on a bike b/c this race started with a run of about 600 meters, followed by a "parade lap" around the camp ground, then followed by a lap of the race course.

Me in the transition from run > bike during the prologue.

Me winning the prologue (not that it counted for anything).

End of lap two, later in the day - this was the stick that I go impaled on during my little "get off into the tree" episode. The stick went in my shorts, out my shorts and back into my shorts. No fvcking IDEA how that happened. Also funny to notice you can see I'm getting notably more pale as the day went on - and check those bags under my eyes - lol.