April 22, 2004

Got me a Gmail account, does that mean I'm officially "cool"?

Looks like as an "active blogger user" I'm eligible for a GMAIL account!! Something I've been tryin to get for MONTHS! effin SWEEEET! Thanks Blogger and Google!

Alright, all you bitches need to send me an email (!!), I gotta get some base info for my filter to start kickin in. I'm such.a.dork for being this excited about this. lol

UPDATE: Holy god, the GUI is gonna take a little getting used to. I'm *really* diggin the ability of the program to "hide" or "unhide" the email history - it allows you to see the first line of an email, and then hide all the other bullshit. Conversation log example: I sent an email to my dad, then he responded, and I responded back again - the conversation log shows one message with a "(3)" next to it - so I can track back (in 1 place) all the messages with that subject header. The only weird thing is that it also tracks who last responded (being "ME") - so the way I'm used to reading email it looks like a sent file, as I have to look one person to the right to see who it was addressed to (I'm not sure that made any sense....).

UPDATE #2: Oops. Ok, I fucked up, it doesnt track who the last two commenters were - it tracks the originator of the email, THEN the last commenter. Cool. I'm going to test this by sending an email to a list and have people comment to see how google treats the responses.

Again, another thing to note is there is no "header" columns, like in Outlook (my normal email program). You cannot sort by date, topic, file size etc. The file size data sort is gonna be the one I'm going to miss - as I used that "sort by" every once in a while.

More to come as I play with the application more.