April 22, 2004

Car fire! Holy crap

So, I'm sitting in my office, looking out at this overheating car in the parking lot - looks like this guys radiator blew up or something - he'd just pulled into this spare parking space. Next thing you know the smoke starts getting thicker & thicker. Until pretty much the whole car is engulfed. So, as you could see in the previous picture, the fire department rolls up and gets some water on it.

Here's what was left over.

I went down afterwords to try and get a picture of the motor and the interior (which were completely scorched out - NOTHING left), but I felt a twang of conscience walking over with the camera. I'd asked permission to take the pictures you see here, but when I walked down the second time, I felt like a complete shit bag taking pictures of this kids car all burnt to a crisp. All I could bring myself to ask was, "What caused it" - apparently a fuel line.

Guess I can no longer say "nothing fun happens to me" - b/c this was pretty damn random.