January 06, 2004

Whoa, Chad go Buh-bye in 5 days??

Looks like my man Chad, over at dogtulosba, ink. has only got 5 more days before he goes "active" in the Army.

Sorry that I'm just catchin this now Chad, never really waited for that counter to load. :/

In any case, best of luck to ya. I'd have to imagine you'll be pretty busy for a while, but inquiring minds want to know, will you continue to blog? I sure hope so.

And, forgot to mention, I met some funny liberals from Seattle when I was back in NYC. Lemme tell you, they simply LOVED the fact I was a member of the NRA, owned a hand gun, think Howard Dean is a douche bag, Clinton is scum, Bush is a damn fine President and I don't think anyone else has a right to my hard earned money. Great dinner conversation. lol