January 06, 2004

Spotlight on CA: Illegal Immigrants

This an excerpt from today's edition of Nealz Nuze regarding Bush's (what I hope will be still-born) plan regarding the potential legalization of illegal immigrants - a proposed amnesty program in essence. Overall, a bad idea.

And speaking of votes, my friends. Did you know that there are many areas in this country where non-citizens can vote? It all started with local school board elections. Apologists for the non-citizens will argue "they're sending their children to our public schools, they should have a right to vote in school board elections." Next will be "well, they're working here and paying taxes, so they should have a right to vote in local elections." The final move will be "hey, they're paying income taxes. They're contributing to our economy. They should have a right to vote in federal elections.

Slippery slope, yeah. Slippery slope fallacy, maybe not. Those of us in CA witnessed Gray Davis' last minute "olive branch" to minority voters with his "drivers licenses for illegals" campaign - and it actually (interestingly) backfired on him. The people who immigrated here LEGALLY don't want their hard-earned tax dollars going to illegal immigrants. Why should I feel any different? In any case, something definitely has to be done about the sheer number of illegals here. Immigration is a great thing, but, like with everything else, in moderation. The real point boils down to (in my mind) - if you're going to come here, take advantage of our system, at least go through the proper channels. Sneaking over the border, then claiming that you're entitled to all sorts of bullshit is beyond the pale in my book.