January 22, 2004

So weak

So, I was all excited about being able to take pictures off my computer and send them to my phone. Got two pictures done, then the service mysteriously stopped working. Shit. Have sent 2-3 emails to the guy who created the uploader, have yet to get a response. So, I called sprint, and reported this "data error 907" - sat on hold for 20 minutes, then got some guy who sort of knew what he was talking about. I explained to him what I was doing, only to have him tell me that Sprint has "blocked" that site, b/c of potential copyright infringement.

What the fuck?!?

Apparently if I take a picture of a copyrighted picture with my phone and start passing it around with my phone, Sprint is somehow liable for that. Sounds like some sort of Kazaa type shit, which is also garbage. But, thats not what I'm doing. I'm taking pictures with MY DAMN CAMERA and want to upload them to MY DAMN PHONE. What the flying fuck is the problem with this?!?!

As much as I can't argue with the guy (he's an IT peon answering phones) I DO think it's complete bullshit that if I take pictures on my own personal camera and want to put them on my cell phone, that sprint is telling me that I can't - b/c that is EXACTLY what's going on here.